BEST MASSAGE CHAIR 2021 – Reviews Comparison & Buying Guide

The massage is an excellent way of getting more energizing and relaxing body treatment. You are not always free to runoff for the massage in the spa. For this reason, buying a good massage chair at home is essential to help you feel relax after a long tiring day. It must include deep massage on using an L-shape roller, heating, an air-driven pressure massage, foot rollers, and zero-gravity function to make you feel extra relaxed just like a professional massage therapist.

But stop! That is not all.

For this reason, it is essential to learn and focus on the best

product features together with the best product qualities. It is also additionally imperative to keep in mind by reading top and Authentic Massage chair reviews that will suit your requirements.

Finally, after focusing the products in-depth after lots of research, we’ve made a list of some outstanding models. So, get ready! After taking the personal as well as professional reviews. We have concluded a list of the best massage chairs 2021 that will help and guide you in choosing the best chair that fits you the best.


That is to say, you can make your massaging experience a global distinction with this unique and most comforting technology. So, let’s take a look to their various features:

Massage Tracks


They consist of a single straight track. Therefore, this feature targets

the back only.

SL Tracks

This track specializes in the ‘S’ form of your backbone to carefully comply with the contour of your body. That’s not all! Besides that, it also traces an ‘L’ shape from your back to your bum when seated.


These tracks encompass two sets of rollers that observe the contour of your body. In other words, concurrently massaging your thighs and back.

Massage Rollers


These 2D rollers move in a vertical and horizontal motion over your lower back. As a result, it creates rolling and kneading movements.

3D Massage Rollers

These rollers not only work vertically and horizontally over your lower back, but they also protrude ahead to increase the intensity of your massage.

Warmth Therapy

Thermal Massage Rollers

Each thermal roller provides warmth upon contact with your body when heated.

Full-back Warm Air

This warm air feature produces a blanket of warm air over your complete back. In other words, to provide consistent heating on all areas of your back.

Airbag Mechanism


Airbags offer a compression massage that is different from kneading, rolling, and tapping motions. Likewise, the airbags contract and expand to squeeze muscle tissue firmly. Also, these airbags improve blood circulation and relieve the tension in tight muscle tissues.

I know what you’re thinking??? Do all of them contain airbags?? Probably, Not all massagers have an airbag mechanism.

Adjustable Angles

Upright Position

The vertical position is perfect if you are tired and want to want your favorite tv show. Besides that, lie in an upright position. That is not all, you can enjoy your TV show at the same time.

Comfort Position

In this position, you’ll be able to acquire the best soothing massage.

Zero-gravity Position

This position fixes your knees above or equal to the heart level and immerses you in a weightless experience. Likewise, this position improves blood flow, reduces strain, and aids in body relaxation.

Leg Massager Technology

Calf-gliding Massage

In this technology, the Tui-Na method of massaging is used. The technique releases tension in tight calf muscular tissues. What’s more? at the same time, it stimulates key meridian points.

Squeeze Massage

The Squeeze therapy makes use of airbags that cover theft with compression techniques. Likewise, to provide relief sensation on your fatigued legs.

Kneading Massage

Kneading therapy presses your toes firmly. The outstanding part is that it gives a more significant dynamic movement to relieve anxiety for your feet.

Roller Reflexology Massage

It stimulates your essential reflex points. That’s not all! It works in tandem with the Squeeze Massage to target the arches and balls of your feet.

Vibration Massage

Vibration therapy used to relax your leg muscle tissue. Additionally, it promotes blood circulation to stimulate the body’s detoxification natural process.

Our recommendation for the best massage chair in 2021 is ES RIGHT MASSAGE RECLINER CHAIR

BEST MASSAGE CHAIR 2021 - Top 10 Reviews

NameDimensionWarrantyReviewsCheck Price
Esright Massage Chair33.5 x 35.8 x 43.2 InchesStandard Warranty4/5 Check Price
Homall Recliner Massage Chair27.6 x 64.2 x 27.9 InchesStandard Warranty
4.5/5 Check Price
Real Relax Massage Chair29.9 x 49 x 53 Inches3 Years Warranty.
4.5/5 Check Price
Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair48 x 31 x 46 Inches3 Years Warranty.
4/5 Check Price
OOTORI Massage Chair51.2 x 48.43 x 32.34 Inches3 Years Warranty.
4/5 Check Price
Sinoluck Zero Gravity Chair61 x 43 x 30 Inches 3 Years Warranty.
4/5 Check Price
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair52 x 31 x 34 Inches 2 Years Warranty.
4.2/5 Check Price
Luraco iRobotics 7 Chairs47 x 38 x 81 Inches 5 Years Warranty.
3.3/5 Check Price
Full Body Zero Gravity Chairs55 x 42 x 35 Inches 3 Years Warranty.
4/5 Check Price
3D Robot Hand Massage Chair56 x 20 x 50 Inches 3 Years Warranty.
3.5/5 Check Price


Es right Recliner massage is the chair that comes on the top of our list. Let me tell you why? It looks comfortable with an attractive and classy look. This classic recliner is good at providing a heated massage to relax your body completely.

You will comfortably rest and enjoy on the recliner with the 360-degree swivel. In addition, it consists of five control modes and two intensity levels that are unique and excellent for a great body massage. Well honestly, I just love the quality of PU leather which is soft and durable.
So let’s get down to look into its features;


Handy remote control
 It comes with the handy remote control. So, With a handy remote control, you can easily set the heating and massaging intensity levels.
Massage modes
The recliner consists of 5 Massage modes. Thus, the massage is not on therapeutic levels. Further, the comfy option which I feel relax is that it can recline at 360 degree as well as at 150 degrees.
Heat function
 The heating and massaging intensity can easily control. So, the good thing is that you can enjoy heating and massaging independently.
I must say, the recliner comes like a gem. That’s not all! It consists of an impressive set of functions. Well, you can recline far enough to take a nap. Likewise, I have found the quality of fabric very soft and comfortable. Indeed! The best recliner you will ever find.
  • Reasonable.
  • Remote control.
  • Two cup holders and 4 pouches.
  • Vibration feature.
  • Manual reclining.


  • Standard Warranty

2. Homall Recliner Massage Chair – Best Maximum Budget Massage Chair

The Homall sofa is the best choice. That’s not all! It tilts forward, rises, and even though easily step you out.

In the same vein, I must say Homall is the Superb, fabulous, and fantastic massaging seat, particularly for older people.

In short, you must call it the Magic invention. However, it made of high quality and modern design.


The material of the sofa is PU leather, which is of high quality. Therefore, the best part is PU leather is skin-friendly.
The frame is of steel, which is durable. Hence, the seat reclined as well as ample padded.
Besides, it has relaxing armrest. You will keep your arm in the relaxing position throughout the massage. The armrest is Wide curved.
The unique Homall include footrests. 
Easy adjustment
I found this model easy to adjust according to my requirement.
I must say I enjoy the lift function of this chair. It almost feels like I’m on some amusements park ride. That’s not all! You will love to sit. I don’t have to put my hands on my knees to get out of the sofa.
  • The user up to 265 lbs can use the chair.
  • Assembling is required.
  • The product is not suitable for outdoor use.


  • Standard Warranty

3. Real Relax Massage Chair – Best Recliner Massage Chair

Let’s move down to our list, its Real Relax. This real relaxes consists of a no gravity feature, specifically four massage predefined programs.

What’s more, I have noticed? The Fifty airbags present, which provides an immersive experience to its users. It creates an ambiance when the chair is used in the dark night.


Heat technology
Well, honestly, I must say the heating technology present in this chair promotes better circulation throughout the thigh and back areas. Further, the heater placed inside the seat.

Seat Massage
 The Seat massaging which you will enjoy is vibrating, heat, and air squeeze.

Human hand massaging
 To simulate human hand massaging, precisely eight pressure points in the backrest are present.

Foot massage
Besides, rollers are available to massage the feet. Different Massage Intensities and Options are available. Beyond that, extendable Footrests present.

 Comes in brown Colors as well as black. Yes, they look attractive in my living area. Thus, you will love the decor.

 You will enjoy the Bluetooth’s compatibility with built-in speakers.

The rollers on the waist and back are decent. So, I feel it will be useful even if you use a thin cushion on the lower back rollers, as it makes the massage more relaxing.
  • Fifty airbags.
  • These arrive fully assembled.
  • Hip Vibrator Massage ability.
  • Timer Function.
  • Remote Control.
  • Good Air Massage.
  • Silent air pump available for a notably quieter experience.
  • Lack of wrist massage ability.



  • Three years warranty.

4. Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Forget the basic massage chairs, the LM-6800 uses five different massage options for the whole body massaging, furthermore six built-in automatic modes, stretch body function, space saver and more than one position of zero Gravity that other chairs do not have. Hence, this model is trusted for its superior durability. 

The heating pad temperature of this chair cannot be controlled. Thus, the heat is either high or low.


SL track
It consists of SL track. This track specializes in the ‘S’ form of your backbone to carefully comply with the contour of your body. That’s not all! Besides that, you will notice it also traces an ‘L’ shape from your back to your bum when seated.

Zero gravity
When we compare this amazing model with other chairs the major difference is its Space-saving design. Hence, no gravity design uses three different reclining levels. Thus, provide more deeper massage.

Air cell technology
LM6800 consists of air cell technology. Moreover, It comes with the 36 airbags.

Heat therapy
The heat therapy of this model covered the calf as well as the back area. Moreover, the rollers performs massage of the foot.

This modern LM-6800 available in three different colors: coffee brown together with the two shades of black. So that, you will love to decor at your living area.

I love the yoga stretching function the most because I give an incredible stretch together with massage after jogging. In addition, the yoga as well as chiro features are just amazing and fantastic.


  • Shoulder width is adjustable.
  • Additional foot padding.
  • Extra remote control storage.
  • Foot Massaging area is washable as well as detachable.
  • The thigh and neck massager facility not included.


  • Three years warranty

5. OOTORI Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chairs – Best Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The great thing about OOTORI 3D is it helps to relax your back as well as your neck. Furthermore, the OOTORI 3D includes airbag massaging vibrations, on various parts of the body.

It helps to relieve tension in the muscle as well as roller massaging feet relaxing feature is there to ease your achy feet. It is suitable for heavyweight people. The best thing is the chair is FDA approved. Hence, OOTORI 3D is compact and space-saving. So, I can fix the end corners of any living room. 


Above all! There are three levels of no gravity angles in Sofia s8.

Space-saving design
Sofia Space-Saving Design requires specifically just about 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) between the shiatsu massager and the wall.

Bluetooth's technology
It moreover equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Smart system scan
The smart system scans and delivers a massage that contours the unique spine curve of each user.

Soft-touch rollers
It has 3D soft touch rollers. By all means, the Sofia S8 can integrate a 55 L-track roller. According to each individual’s leg length. The massager for the calf, together with the foot, is moreover, capable of making adjustments.

The armrests are detachable. So, you can even place it on the side if not in use.

My experience mirrors that Ootri is useful to relieve stress and calf massage. For the back massage, I like using the no gravitational effect position. That is to say, it works well with my back pain. For other parts of the massage, the straight-up position works better for me. 

  • Extendable leg rest.
  • Airbags present.
  • Affordable price.
  • Heating function.
  • Advanced HD VFD display screen.
  • They have a limited weight capacity.


  • Three years warranty

6. Sinoluck Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair For Old People

Zero gravity full body Kahuna is the chair that comes on the top of our list. Let me tell you why?

Kahuna is among the top leading brands with high quality product that is trusted by the professionals. But, only a few massage chairs are FDA approved. Likewise, Kahuna is the one that is approved by the FDA. It comes with an L track feature massage together with the heating therapy. So, if you are looking for the most relaxing as well as the most revitalizing experience at a reasonable price, then this is the best option.

Now, let’s move down to look into its features;


Heat therapy
Its heating therapy is present in the lumbar area, which gets activated automatically to soothe the body muscles.

L- track
The best part is Kahuna is an L- track style machine that provide the best massaging from toes to shoulders.

Space-saving technology specifically requires three inches space. Hence, it can easily fit in a small area.

Improve Blood circulation
It moreover consists of preset yoga center programs together with chiropractic. Moreover, these programs help to improve your blood circulation and remove toxin substances from the body. However, it helps give instant pain relief.

Foot padding
The model consists of extra foot padding. Thus, the two additional rollers provide the most relaxing massage on the feet soles as well as on the sides of the foot. In this way, it soothes the foot pain.

I must say Sinoluck Zero Gravity Massage Chair is an amazing chair! Zero-Gravity mode is my favorite which make me feel most comfortable. Moreover, I like the neck, glute, as well as head, massage. Hence, this technique of massaging is the most surprising. Indeed! I must say it is probably the best and fantastic value for Shiatsu Electric.

  • LCD Remote Control.
  • 36 airbags.
  • LED light present.
  • Focus on stress points.
  • Reclines at an angle of 360 degrees.
  • Leg zipper cover.
  • Expensive.


  • Three years warranty

7. Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair – Best Massage Chair Under 500 $

The Osaki 4000 is the best sofa whose price I found very reasonable. Therefore, Osaki is among the top leading electronic massage products distributors. That is not all!

The best part I noticed about this massager is that they consist of 6 built-in programs. It consists of an S track frame. Moreover, any user till the height of 6.4″ can fit easily to this chair.


S- track
Osaki consists of S-track. The best thing is it focuses on body parts, specifically neck, lumber as well as the shoulder.

Air mechanism
The Osaki 4000 consists of 32 airbags. Likewise, shoulder and hip air massage is available.

Value for money
The price of this chair I found much more affordable. So that, you can easily buy even if you have a tight budget.

Vibration massage
Above all, you will feel much relaxed by its vibration massage. It massages the buttocks.

Massage styles
Well, it can perform massage in six different massage styles—for example, shiatsu, rolling, Swedish, clapping, kneading, and combo.

Osaki’s smart mode is one of my favorite. Thus, the massage I feel enjoyable and much more relaxing similar to therapist.

  • Good quality.
  • Adjustable massage intensity.
  • Auto Timer..
  • Mini wireless remote.
  • A bit heavy.


  • Two-year limited warranty.

8. Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Chairs

Are you in search of the high-end version comes with all the necessities and superior features that is made in the USA? So, Lauraco is the one created and designed to be the best on the planet. The amazing model from is designed to introduce the next level of functionality and perfection  to the top-end massage chair market.

Furthermore, it is made to satisfy all reasonable expectations you’ve got to your mind. Moreover, it comes with S track design, 3D body scan, air massage, foot massage and MP3 options. Now I am going to discuss its remarkable features;


3D body scan

Above all, the chair comes with 3D scan technology. You will love this feature as it scan the body after that adjust the rollers according to your body frame. By the help of remote control you can further make changes.

In this i7, both real and Synthetic leather are used. What’s more? The Luraco is covered with synthetic material, but only those parts are covered with black leather where your body touches.

Air massage
The number of airbags can determine how practical and comfortable it is. Airbags offer a compression massage that is different from kneading, rolling, and tapping motions. Besides that, Luracoi7 finally consists of 100 Airbags.

The chair consists of S track. In this way the Quad rollers Follows the body spine’s curve. Additionally, consist of 2 Roller Systems.

The i7 comes with speakers of 10 watts that can help you relax even more during your massage session. Hence, you can Play Music While Massaging.

Zero-Gravity Seating
It also comes with the no gravity seating. Indeed! You will feel happy as it enhances your massage experience.

Blood pressure monitor and Remote controller
During the assembly, you will notice a device located beside the remote controller, which is a Blood Pressure Device. Further, In addition the amazing part is this device comes with a chair.

Laraco’s Stretch Mode is my favorite as I experienced a very gentle and slow stretch. On the other hand, I enjoy and love the i7 at night to fall asleep. With the Sleep Mode turned on, I don’t have to worry about waking up with an aching neck.

  • Fast responding.
  • Extensive built-in Heat.
  • Memory storage for up to five users.
  • 3-layer calf massaging together with foot massaging facility.
  • Can recline at 170 degree.
  • High price.


  • Five years warranty.

9. Full Body Zero Gravity Chairs

Full body shiatsu is the best choice to overcome your extreme stress. The whole frame is made of soft leather and feels much comfortable. I feel excited and extra relaxed in its reclining together with extendable features.

Additionally, the two-foot rollers rest your feet in such a way that you have never experienced before. Hence, the 50 airbags are placed all over the chair to massage every body part most comfortably.

Let’s Look into its remarkable features;


Zero gravity
 With this feature, you feel mentally as well as physically fully relaxed. Hence, it contains 3 positions of no gravity.

Foot massage
Foot massage rollers are also present. Furthermore, for taller users, extendable Footrest present.

Auto massage programs
It has Four built-in massage programs. Thus, they all are different in their way.

Music player
It also consists of a Music Player with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. In this feature, I feel relaxed and enjoy my favorite song during the massage session.

About this amazing product, I love its foot massaging. It does a great job, specifically if I talk about my feet as I do 0walking daily above 20 miles. Worth buying!

  • L-Track is present.
  • Complete body stretching together with massaging.
  • Computerized full body scan for stiff and hard muscles.
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy.
  • Costly


  • Three years limited warranty.


For Complete Guide Read: Full Body Massage Chair 

10. 3D Robot Hand Massage Chair

Last!  Here comes the 3D Robot. Well, this 3D Robot is beautiful in appearance as well as I feel pleasant to sit in! That’s not all! The massage feels similar to the human touch. Beyond that, I have experienced the back heat is another remarkable feature if you are in search of  extra relaxation.

Well, I have noticed the seating feels like original leather with an impressive bright soft tone. Hence, it seems very stylish, durable, and functional. So, It not only massage my back but also thighs, arms, calves, back, and neck! So, this 3D chair is amazing and fantastic! However, the quality is also best. Best for the investment.


Human hand massage
 This 3D Robot provides human hand like massage experience .

 It has two head rollers. They can move in and out, up/down, and left/right. Regardless, Foot Rollers as well as S-Track System is also available.

Zero gravity
 It is helpful in adjusting the position of body.

Heat technology
The best part is that it provides heat to the spine’s lumbar lower region, which give you ease and relaxation in the lower back.

The roller and air systems give an outstanding massage. Well, I’ve had minimum of two body massages every day! The no gravity feature is favorite, and when the massage is completed, it feels like the spaceship returns to earth. Worth buying!

  • Extendable foot rest.
  • Shoulder Width adjustment.
  • They have body computerized detection technology.
  • Over weight.


  • Three years limited warranty.

This is box title


Is a Massage Chair Worth It?
Of course. A good massager worth every penny!
How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?
It depends on the usage, care & maintenance. If everything is good, it’ll last for many years!
What is the cost of a massage chair?
Depending on its key features, however, the average cost is between $600 and $10 000.
Are massage chairs safe to use?

According to Wikipedia:
Generally, all the modern massage chairs seem safe to use, but in some cases, they might do more harm than good:

  •  In case you have Broken bones
  •  Blood circulation problems
  • Serious wounds
  • Infectious rashes or diseases
  • During pregnancy
What is the yoga stretching mode?
In yoga stretch mode, a massage chair reclines to the horizontal position—the airbags than inflate around the calves and hold the calves tightly. The ottoman starts tractioning the whole body then goes down.

Afterward, the rollers start to roll up and down the spine, essentially “stretching” it relieving any tension.

The Kahuna LM6800 is known for its fantastic yoga stretch feature.

Before purchasing a massage chair. What are the essential elements to consider?
One should look out the features of a massage chair by purchasing, including the price tag, different types of massages the chair offered, space-saving design, reclining options, upholstery, and ease of use. For those users who are suffering from body pains, it is recommended to purchase a “medical massage chair” with “FDA approved” tags.
What is the white glove service?
The White Glove service means delivery of a purchased massage chair to the customer’s house and afterward assembled them. 
Do massage chairs come with any instructions?
Most of the massage chairs come with user manuals, which has a complete guideline about how to use the chair properly. 
How does the massage chair work?
Massage chairs consist of vibrating heads and massage rollers. Some chairs come with vibrating elements, heating elements, and more to match the excitement of a massage.

Other models may also contain additional components such as airbags designed to mimic a human massage therapist’s techniques.

What types of massages do massage chairs perform?
Massage chairs can offer different types of massage, which include tapping, kneading, shiatsu, combination kneading and tapping rolling, and air massage.

How much power does a regular massage chair use?
A standard massage chair uses the same power as your desktop computer use. The total power the massage chair use is inclusive of the vibrating and heating elements.

Do massage chairs have a money-back guarantee?
Some massage chair manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee that remains valid for a stipulated amount of time.

Are massage chairs bad for your health?
No! They have lots of health benefits, such as relieving physical tension and stress.


In the final verdicts, we must say that using the massage chair has many benefits on human health. High-tech massage chairs have now developed to cater to various body needs. We have discussed here the top-rated massage chairs of 2021, along with their reviews.

So, with the help of these, you can always find your preferred option. In this way, you can find the best massage chair which suits your requirements. These are the best choices available.

Our recommendation for the best massage chair in 2021 is ES RIGHT MASSAGE RECLINER CHAIR

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