Automatic EC-06C Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair 2021 Review

A professional massage chair combines elegant design and sophisticated engineering. The relaxing Chair provides therapeutic benefits to the body. Do you want to relax after a long, tiring and tough day? Here comes the full-body electric Shiatsu recliner massage chair.

The full body electric shiatsu massager trusted by most users, which resembles a standard massage chair. This massage chair has a lot of innovative and impressive features, additionally to a few refreshing massage techniques.

Thus, the Chair is popular among the people who are in search of such a massager that not only relaxes your achy muscles as well as effective in rejuvenating your body and stressful mind. So, You don’t need to devote so many precious hours in searching for that perfect massage chair as the Shiatsu full body electric Massage Chair is right here to fulfill your dream and comfort needs.


Innovative Massage Chair

By touching the unique design buttons, the innovative Chair can move slowly at different speeds. Along with this, now can enjoy the stretch together with vibrating massage facility at your own home.


The incredible quality of this chair is that it

automatic ec 06c review

not only target any specific body part. It gives a full-body encounter. Airbags are present to provide you extreme relief. So, with such a large variety of available massage chairs, after knowing the characteristics and features, therefore, you can discover and sort out the beat and ideal seat that meet your requirements.

The best shiatsu massage chair is available in three different colors. The attractive colors enhance the beauty of your living room. Thus, best for decor. Its features are adjustable. You can easily use its intensity control feature at three different massage levels according to your wish.

Let’s look in-depth with its more amazing features. I must say that I love its four types of different massage levels. It covers my entire achy body parts. Thus, it gives a complete full-body relaxation as I have ever dreamed of.

The best thing about this massager I have noticed is that it uses smart body scan technology and 21 airbags in total. It moreover, consists of nine built-in massage programs together with seven massage modes. So, because of all these fantastic features, it is not a surprise that most people like this quality massage chair.

So, the review of this electric shiatsu massager will explain its unbelievable and remarkable functions together with its characteristics. Let’s move down to discuss its amping features;



The full body electric shiatsu massage chair has 7 Massage Modes, tapping, stretching, kneading, Shiatsu, combo, heating, and air pressure.


The second great feature is Smart body scan technology. When I sit on this massage chair, It scans my body to quickly detect my body size for the best and custom-fit full body massage.


Another best mode is the sleeping mode. This mode works in a way like a Chair will not come back to sitting up position even after the massage completed.


It is an exquisite and decent looking chair. It can easily fit in any living area. The seating of this massage chair made up of faux leather resembles the real leather. Hence, the leather is thick enough and comfortable.


The frame structure of this massage chair is substantial and made up of steel. The massive springs cover with screws are placed under the cushion as well as its large size Phillips head screw used. Yes! They put together very nicely.


In case of any emergency, you can press this button for an immediate turn-off.


The one key start button used to automatically detect the height of the user and adjust it accordingly to give a comfortable massage.


By pressing this button, your footrest will move upside as well as your back will sit up.


The overall dimension of this massage chair is 55×42×35 inches.


Heating pads are four in number place in the foot area, and two I have noticed in the back area.


There are 21 airbags present. I have found these 21 arm bags strategically placed in the calves, arms, shoulder, hips thighs, and feet areas. In other words, it is giving me complete and extreme full-body relaxation.


So I must say this Shiatsu massage chair built to last for years. It can easily hold a person up to 265 pounds (120.2 kg) and 6’3″ (ca. 191 cm) height.


Besides all! It also consists of 9 auto built-in massage programs and the different massage techniques to give an unforgettable massage experience. Not only this! It can perform the stretching programs for the complete body stretching. The best thing is that you can even select its manual massage function to have a control on your massage easily.


The Chair consists of different types of built-in massage programs. You can choose the one according to your preference. Beside this! These massage therapies include; healing system, refresh massage therapy, expanded program, and an unwind built-in system.


This full-body massage chair is 100% tested before leaving the company.


Above all, let us look into its fantastic feature that is vibrating massage. These vibrators are present in calves, chair cushions, and in the foot region. In other words, the vibration massage is excellent in a way as it improves the blood circulation. It is also helpful in removing toxins as well as impurities from the human body.


I have found this feature quite well as it helps increase mobility, improve the leg position, help fight fatigue, and versatile.


The tapping and the flapping feature is excellent for those who have soreness and ache in the muscles. Thus, it helps reduce the pain of muscles.


It has a 1-year limited time warranty.

The Shiatsu EC-06C Full Body Massage Chair Guide

A wide range of massage chairs is available in the current market at different prices ranging from high to low. But! This full-body electric Shiatsu is available at a much affordable price compare to other available massagers.

By its customized massage feature, you can easily pick different types for such programs as stretching, unwind, refresh, and restoration that fulfills your desire. It is a good quality massager. Thus, it is effortless to operate. Moreover, The degree of massage present in this chair is changeable as compare to other chairs who are fixed and steady.

The only drawback I have found after searching so many reviews is that it is a bit heavyweight. So, you cannot quickly move the Chair from one place to another without someone’s help. Despite this pitfall, tons of people are in love with this fantastic Chair because of its contemporary modern look.

  • Customizable.
  • Affordable.
  • Neck massage facility.
  • It gives Thigh and buttock massage.
  • Foot massage facility.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Not suitable for taller persons.
  • It takes a lot of space.



In the final verdict, investing in your health and on the well-being is not such a thing that should take lightly.

Whether you are dealing with unbearable stress or having headaches at odd times, or you just want yourself to feel light? Then this full-body electric shiatsu massage chair is the best option to make you feel stress-free after a long tiring day.

The uncountable benefits that stand to gain from investing in this high and superb Shiatsu massage chair. It gives you the feeling just like a new person. Not only this! It moreover offers a classy and stylish touch to your home. So, if you want to feel fresh every day, then why not start by merely investing in the great electric shiatsu massager today.

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